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Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586

Author: Poiskovik » 31-03-2010, 20:06 » Category: Softwares » View: 0
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Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586

Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586 | RAR 4.4 Gb

Been integrated technology speedboot, drastically reducing download time distribution - initially loaded components screen manager, which allows to start working with the system, and then loaded in the background of additional services. Speedboot, if the configuration of the system allows (not compatible with encrypted filesystems, software RAID, network authentication), is activated automatically ...

Year: 2009
Version: 2009.1
Developer: Mandriva
Platform: i586
Language: Multilingual (~70 locations)
Tabletka: Not required

System requirements:

* Processor: Any Intel ®, AMD or VIA processor.
* RAM: 512MB minimum, 1GB recommended.
* Hard disk: 2GB minimum, 16GB recommended for a full setup.
* Video card: nVidia, ATI, Intel, SiS, Matrox, VIA.
3D desktop support requires a 3D instructions set compatible card.
* Sound cards: Any Sound Blaster, AC97 or HDA compatible card. Creative Labs X-Fi cards are not currently supported.
* DVD drive required.
* SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS: most controllers are supported in non-RAID mode, and some are supported in RAID mode.

The main innovations:

* Updated versions of programs, such as: KDE 4.2.2, GNOME 2.26.1, 3.0.1 of Go-OO patches, Firefox 3.0.8, Linux kernel 2.6.29, Xfce 4.6, X. Org server 1.6, Qt 4.5.0 + Qt Creator 1.0, Tcl / Tk 8.6, Python 2.6.1, VirtualBox 2.2, Wine 1.1.19, Songbird 1.1.2;
In addition to new features and functionality included in the One and Free version, you will find:
* A full range of exclusive software, which will be a great complement to enhance your desktop Linux;
* Some trial software certified for Mandriva Linux in order to open up new opportunities;
* Operational support for installation and configuration. You will assist in the development of Mandriva Linux.

Improved installer:

-As an option, added option to install on ext4 partition.
- The composition of the installation CD includes a module HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) from the package Syslinux, allowing early boot to form a complete description of the current hardware before booting the OS.
-Integrated support Draksnapshot, a tool for rapid recovery of the entire system from backup at the specified time.
-If disk partition has been made possible manipulation of partitions larger than 1 TB and view the contents of the previously created partition.
As a lightweight environment now uses LXDE, instead of icewm.
Out additional optimizations to work on sub-notebooks, with a low screen resolution, out of the box is fully supported by all equipment Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire One and MSI Wind;
Redesign implemented safety management system MSEC (Mandriva Security Center):
-Redesigned user interface, added support for plug-ins, developed a module to configure AppArmor. MSEC is used to configure the users of different security settings on the access rights to limit network activity and limitation of individual applications;
Improved desktop shell:
New visual theme and a set of graphical elements.
- By default, when you insert removable devices (web-camera, tv-tuner) icon to access them do not fit on the desktop (to switch to add DYNAMIC = yes in / etc / sysconfig / system).
-The Nautilus file manager by default transferred to the mode of the browser.
- Blocked the possibility of restarting the X-server through a sequence of keys Ctrl + Alt + backspace;
- Implemented the ability to install software learning environments Sugar, used in laptops OLPC;
Improved GUI for system configuration:
-In the graphical interface to configure the network has improved support for 3G, reduced memory footprint, adds the ability to configure the global network parameters (Enables support for IPv6, TCP-window size, etc.) The mode ATM bridge for PPPOE connections raised over USB xDSL modem .
-In Mandriva Personal Firewall (drakfirewall) there is support for primitives to control access to NFS, syslog, dhcp and bacula.
-In Drakauth improved support for authentication via LDAP and winbind;
-In Diskdrake an opportunity to change label of disk partition without reformatting.
Packages with KDE 3 Lisheen official support and moved to "contib" repository, where they will be available until 2010;
Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring includes the following versions of the main components of the distribution:
kernel 2.6.29; 7.4;
KDE 4.2.2;
GNOME 2.26;
XFCE 4.6;
Mozilla Firefox 3; 3 (based on the branch of Go-OO), including 2 new expansion: presentation-minimize (reduce file size presentation) and pdfimport (the ability to change existing pdf-files);
Qt Creator 1.

* Kernel Linux
* 1.6.1
* Wifi drivers
* ATI, Intel, nVidia video drivers
* Hydrid ISO
Graphical user interface
* KDE 4.2.2
* GNOME 2.26.1
In online contrib repository:
* XFCE 4.6
* Sugar
Major Apps
* Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8
* 3.0.1
* VirtualBox 2.2.0
* Elisa 0.5.35
* FileZilla 3.2.3
* Skype
* Opera 9.64
* Flash Player
* Google Earth 5.0
* Google Picasa 2.7
* GCompris 8.4.9
* Acrobat Reader 8.1.4
* VMWare 2.5.2
Trial versions:
* LightZone 3.6.1
* VariCAD 2009
* Cedega games
In online contrib repository:
* Songbird 1.1.1
Mandriva Tools
* Parental control
* Network control & config
* Interactive firewall
* Windows migration
* Hard drives management
* X server configuration
* Graphic installer
* Draksnapshot
Native Games
* Armagetron
* Cannon Smash
* Extreme Tux Racer
* Freeciv
* Frozen Bubble
* OpenArena
* SuperTux
* Tux Paint
* Wesnoth
* Wormux
* XMoto
* Gcc 4.3.2
* Qt 4.5
* Tcl / Tk 8.6
* Qt Creator
* Web servers Apache, lighttpd
* Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby (Rails)
* MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
* And much more ...

Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586

Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586

Linux Mandriva PowerPack 2009.1 i586

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