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Author: tdchinh » 17-09-2011, 23:52 » Category: UnhideVideo
Blue Mountain State S03E01 HDTV XviD-ASAP
Blue Mountain State S03E01 HDTV XviD-ASAP
English | 21Min | XVID 624x352 23fps | MP3 128Kbps 48Khz | 175MB
Genre: Comedy | Family | Sports | Talent

It's all about football at "Blue Mountain State" University, but being an incoming freshman on the national championship team consists of much more than that... there's also girls, partying, hazing and of course, class.

Blue Mountain State S03E01 HDTV XviD-ASAP.rar

Author: tdchinh » 17-09-2011, 23:43 » Category: UnhideVideo
Weekender (2011) 720p BRRip x264 AC3-Freebee
Weekender (2011) 720p BRRip x264 AC3-Freebee

English | MP4 | h264 1280x544 2230Kbps 25fps | AC3 448Kbps | 90mins | 1.4 GB
Genre: Drama | Music
Director: Karl Golden
Cast: Zawe Ashton, Jack O'Connell and Henry Lloyd-Hughes

1990. The rave scene has arrived from Ibiza and warehouse parties are exploding across the UK bringing phenomenal wealth to the organisers. In Manchester, best mates Matt and Dylan are in their early 20's and long to be more than just punters. As the government moves to outlaw the scene, it's now or never and they quickly rise through the ranks to join the promoting elite. They are taken on a wild journey from the exclusive VIP rooms of London clubs to the outrageous parties in Ibiza super-villas and the hedonism of Amsterdam. It's everything they dreamed of and more. But as their success continues to grow, they attract a more dark and sinister world. Matt and Dylan start to drift apart as they are forced to question the dreams they set out to achieve and their once solid friendship.

Weekender (2011) 720p BRRip x264 AC3-Freebee.rar

Author: tdchinh » 17-09-2011, 23:28 » Category: UnhideVideo
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011) CAM 400MB - Ganool
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011) CAM 400MB - Ganool

English | MKV | h264 572x314 584Kbps 25fps | AAC 128Kbps | 96mins | 400 MB
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Director: Troy Nixey
Cast: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison

A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011) CAM 400MB - Ganool.rar

Author: tdchinh » 17-09-2011, 23:19 » Category: UnhideVideo
Robotropolis (2011) DVDRip 325MB - Ganool
Robotropolis (2011) DVDRip 325MB - Ganool
IMDB info

English | MKV | X264 720x304 562Kbps 25fps | AAC 128Kbps | 80mins | 325 MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Director: Christopher Hatton
Cast: Zoe Naylor, Graham Sibley and Edward Foy

A group of reporters are covering the unveiling of a new facility that is completely maintained by robot prototypes. When one of the robots goes haywire, the reporters find themselves not just reporting on the malfunction, but fighting for their lives.

Robotropolis (2011) DVDRip 325MB - Ganool.rar

Author: EVGENIYYY » 17-09-2011, 23:12 » Category: Wallpapers
HD Pack Superior Wallpapers (184)

HD Pack Superior Wallpapers (184)
120 JPG | 1680X1050 - 2560X1920 | 116 Mb

HD Pack Superior Wallpapers (184).rar

Author: EVGENIYYY » 17-09-2011, 22:19 » Category: Wallpapers
Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (201)

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (201)
109 JPG | 1680X1050 - 2560X1600 | 107 Mb

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (201).rar

Author: tdchinh » 17-09-2011, 22:07 » Category: Softwares
PulpMotion Advanced 3.3 Build 4427 Mac OSX
PulpMotion Advanced 3.3 Build 4427 Mac OSX | 194 MB

PulpMotion Advanced is the next generation slideshow and animation software for your media. PulpMotion Advanced creates slideshow based on highly customizable themes. It allows you to present your pictures as well as your video in a single animation you can share as video, screensaver or executable player. PulpMotion Advanced makes your pictures come to life with animation created from regions of interest you can easily define with the integrated editor. Your pictures are no more static but reveal a new dimension. You can also record audio comments on the fly, add music and let PulpMotion Advanced take care of the synchronization and sound transitions.

PulpMotion Advanced 3.3 Build 4427 Mac OSX.rar

Author: Kameliana » 17-09-2011, 20:07 » Category: Photoshop
  Scrap kit- Magic garden

Scrap kit- Magic garden
82 PNG, 11 JPG, alpha
Archive size-91.68 mb

Scrap kit- Magic garden.rar

Author: Kameliana » 17-09-2011, 20:04 » Category: Photoshop
  Scrap kit-  For you

Scrap kit- For you
50 PNG,14 JPG
Archive size-69.47 mb

Scrap kit- For you.rar

Author: james5454 » 17-09-2011, 20:03 » Category: Footage
VideoHive - Updated Projects Pack 05

VideoHive Updated Projects Pack 05 | 3.00 GB
29 Projects | Adobe After Effects 7.0, CS3, CS4 | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI
PAL 720x576, NTSC DV 720x480, NTSC D1 720x486, HD 1280x720, HD 1920x1080

VideoHive - Updated Projects Pack 05.rar

Author: Kameliana » 17-09-2011, 20:00 » Category: Photoshop
  Scrap kit- Tea party

Scrap kit-Tea party
40 PNG, 11 JPG
Archive size-72.10 mb

Scrap kit- Tea party.rar

Author: Kameliana » 17-09-2011, 19:56 » Category: Photoshop
   Scrap kit-Frolic Tunes

Scrap kit-Frolic Tunes
40 PNG,9 JPG, 5 QP
Archive Size-254.19 mb

Scrap kit-Frolic Tunes.rar

Author: nk2join » 17-09-2011, 19:55 » Category: Tutorials
Professional Series - Designing a Female Android in Photoshop CS5

Professional Series - Designing a Female Android in Photoshop CS5 | 1.52 GB
1 hrs. 52 min. | Released on September 1, 2011 | Project Files Included (118 MB)

Professional Series - Designing a Female Android in Photoshop CS5.rar

Author: dimsonSS » 17-09-2011, 18:57 » Category: Photoshop
Sweet cake layer styles

Sweet cake layer styles

PSD+ASL | 19,1 mb

Sweet cake layer styles.rar

Author: dimsonSS » 17-09-2011, 18:57 » Category: Photoshop
8 professional text styles

8 professional text styles

PSD+ASL | 27,7 mb

8 professional text styles.rar

Author: Eleonorka » 17-09-2011, 17:47 » Category: Wallpapers
Wallpapers - The Dark Knight
Wallpapers - The Dark Knight
17 JPG | 1024х768-1600x1200 | 12,5 Мb

Wallpapers - The Dark Knight.rar

Author: Eleonorka » 17-09-2011, 17:46 » Category: Photoshop
Scrap Kit - Seaside
Scrap Kit - Seaside
122 PNG | 18 JPEG | 3600 x 3600 | 156 Мb
Author: Thaliris

Scrap Kit - Seaside.rar

Author: Eleonorka » 17-09-2011, 17:45 » Category: Photoshop
Scrap-page - Rainy Autumn
Scrap-page - Rainy Autumn
1 PNG | 3600x3600 | 18,3 Мb
Author: Manue Designs

Scrap-page - Rainy Autumn.rar

Author: Eleonorka » 17-09-2011, 17:44 » Category: Photoshop
ClipArt - Love Fire
ClipArt - Love Fire
14 PNG | 2557x2502 - 4655x4655 | 176,9 Мb

ClipArt - Love Fire.rar

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